Summer Camps

Since 2014, Studio CirQus has offered circus play as recreational therapy for children and adults. Our primary aim is to inspire participants to develop skills that will become the "extra" to their ordinary. This year- we up the thrill factor.  Our customized camps are centred on adrenaline, play, skill-building and fear-facing. Studio CirQus partners with some of Montreal’s best adventure companies, Paragym and ZiplineMTL to offer dual experiences in two adrenaline-fueled activities: parcours and zip lining. We also offer our usual circus-themed day camp that can accommodate between 5 and 40 participants.

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# 1)  Simply circus 

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# 2) Aerials + Parkours 


# 3) Circus + Ziplining


Our customized circus camp is divided into 3 stations to offer a fun explorative experience in a variety of circus arts for up to 40 participants. 

  • Station 1) Aerials hoop, silks, rope, hammock and trapeze
  • Station 2) Acrobatics tumbling, partner acrobatics, handstands, acroyoga, adagio, hand to hand techniques
  • Station 3) Flow arts : poi, staff, juggling, hula hoop

Our highly trained instructors offer a non-stop, non-competitive environment that teaches confidence, communication skills, perseverance, self determination and the fundamental skills that can be developed as your circus discipline.

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Parkour is the sport of moving rapidly through an area (typically an urban environment) negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. Paragym is the king of Parkour in Montreal. We offer a package that combines the thrill of parkour, as taught by the expert at Paragym, with aerials (silks, trapeze, lyra etc) 

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Studio CirQus partners with Montreal's Tyrolienne MTL Zipline (www.mtlzipline) where we set up our aerial rig in the old port and offer our SIMPLY CIRCUS package along with the thrill ride of zip lining. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should my child bring? 

  • 1 bottle of water, 
  • Wear stretchy fabrics and fitted clothing
  • Sun screen, hat and clothing appropriate for the daily weather 
  • Running shoes

When can I register?

Contact us and we will organize a time that meets your needs. 

What is the limit of people

35 kids

What is the ratio of coaches to children?

There is sliding scale depending on activity from 1:7 to 1:10

Can the parents watch?


Is pick up and drop off at the same location?


You want to work or volunteer at the CirQus camps?

We are currently accepting applications for circus teachers who have graduated from recognized institutions, special preference given to graduates of the ENC teacher training program. Assistant teachers must be minimum 15 years old. 


We at Studio CirQus are always striving to run our programs as safely as possible.

But circus activities are not without risk.  Activities like aerials, partner acrobatics, object manipulation come with risks.  One of the things that makes circus fun is that it is risky.  And risky means that the activities can be dangerous. During camps or training sessions, athletes can fall in a variety of circumstances.  Injuries can range from abrasions, sprains, strains, and occasionally more serious injuries like concussions or even a broken bone.

But we at Studio CirQus believe that when one perseveres, especially in domains that requires courage and dedication, there is instrinsic rewards  beyond the physical benefits, both of which outweigh the risks. More broadly, we believe strongly that for many people there is actually more risk in not participating then there is in participating.  Almost all circus activities offers children the chance to get to know themselves: what makes them persevere? How do they work with others? what prompts them to quit? What makes them uncomfortable?

In our calculus, it is better to take the risk of injury – especially when those risks are managed in a group learning environment with professionally trained instructors– rather than run the significant risk of not learning the growth skills that one acquires through discipline and perseverence.  We want each participant and their parents to understand and recognize the inherent risks, hence this discussion.  

A waiver and medical form are needed for your child to attend camp.