Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Get certified to teach Aerial Yoga with the CircAsana Aerial Yoga Teacher Training this summer 2019. For people of all levels and backgrounds, we teach you how to fuse yoga (flexibility training, asanas and breath work) with aerials arts (performance, body awareness, core fitness). Your certification will allow you to design multi-level classes and to guide poses and sequences in the aerial hammock

The certification is recognized by the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Board and is taught by yoga teachers and aerial artist and yogi, Saffron Van Rossem and Amy Rowland, founder and owners of CircAsana. They are experts in their mission of assimilating aerial and yoga arts and have developed an 30 hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification full of dynamic exercises aimed to "aerialize" your yoga practices -hatha, vinyasa, lyengar, yin- adapted to suspended and inverted postures.

Aerial arts, like yoga arts, is booming in popularity. CirQus is hosting CircAsana's teacher training at an affordable price -999$- in an effort to promote the development of a certified work force, therefore ensuring safe training to the ever-increasing student base.

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Montreal Aerial YTT  @ MAA Club Sportif

SATURDAY, July 20: 10am - 6:30pm

SUNDAY, July 21: 10am - 6:30pm

SATURDAY, July 27: 10am - 6:30pm

SUNDAY, July 28: 10am - 6:30pm

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The CircAsana Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, immersive, 6-day (30 hours) program specifically designed for yoga practitioners and aerialists.  It is led by Saffron Van Rossem, a registered yoga teacher, a practiced aerial yoga trainer and a distinguished aerial teacher and acrobatics performer. Saffron's teaching style has been described as innovative and charismatic due to her use of a wide variety of disciplines and passions integrated within her training program including fear reduction techniques for aerial arts, positive psychology & neuroscience  and creative leadership in lesson planning. 

Note:  background in movement or yoga is recommended. 

What is CircAsana Aerial Yoga?

CircAsana a fun blend of acrobatic and aerial conditioning, vinyasa yoga and restorative therapeutics. It combines traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of two main props: an aerial hammock and gravity. Yoga in the silks can increase body awareness through the use of inversions: the practitioner explores grace, flexibility and mindfulness while upside down, learning to expand the body without compressing the joints and spine. 

Aerial yoga develops sustainable strength & core while increasing flexibility of body and mind. Fear and danger can be triggers for reaction within the aerial practice.  Beyond proper placement, cueing and body awareness, CircAsana teaches fear-reduction and confidence-building techniques through the use of positive psychology and neuroscience. These are used to prepare the aerial yogi to safely execute sequences and 'drops' and teach teachers how to do the same to ensure the safety of their own students base.  A special component of CircAsana yoga is the creative exploration process which teaching future teachers to design original routines and lesson plans. 


Topics Included

Topics include (but are not limited to): Warm-ups, Conditioning, Inversions, Aerial "Flips & Tricks",  Alignment & Anatomy, Teaching Tips,  Safety and Spotting, Lesson Planning & Design, Philosophy & Neuroscience, Aerial Yoga and Business, Leisure Therapy & Positive Psychology (Emotional healing & Confidence building), Creative Sequencing and (basic) Performance Design, Rigging & Maintenance of the Aerial Hammock

A word from Saffron:

""The acrobatic and aerial conditioning component focuses on the development of functional strength, through connected-upside-down-ness, safe flight and other creative, playful activity.  Classes incorporate pulling strength, pushing strength, core strength and active flexibility, leaving you balanced, with a happy core, and ready for any physical challenge. Join us for a week of challenge and fun"

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
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