Le Studio CirQus est, actuellement, à la recherche d'un directeur adjoint/ entraineur en chef qualifié pour co-gérer son programme de fitness aérien. Nous recherchons une personne capable, à la fois, de gérer une petite entreprise, d'assurer des entrainements de fitness aérien et de participer au développement des programmes d'enseignement. La personne retenue pour ce poste sera responsable de l'administration et de l'enseignement du programme aérien, ce qui représente plus de 10 cours par semaine. Il/elle sera, également, responsable de la gestion des professeurs, du service à la clientèle, du marketing, de l'administration des cours hebdomadaires et des tâches de gréage. Le directeur adjoint sera, finalement, responsable de la rentabilité globale du centre ainsi que de la sécurité des clients.


Position title: Head trainer & Project Coordinator for Aerial Fitness Curriculum Development

Base Location: Montreal, 5465 rue de Bordeaux

Reporting to: CirQus Director Alissa Bonneville

Position type: 30 hrs + per/week (Teaching @ 25$/hr + Project Coordination @ 15$/hr)

Remuneration: 15-25$/hour

Length of contract: 6 months


Who is CirQus?

Founded in the summer of 2014, Studio CirQus has acted as a cornerstone in the development of circus arts as a fitness and leisure alternative in Montreal. Today, CirQus is a recreational facility where the art of play and aerial acrobatics combine to offer opportunity for fitness training, self-challenge & community building . We do so by offering weekly group aerial courses, monthly intensive workshops and a space for open training. CirQus strives to cater to the growing demand for aerial fitness by offering a wide variety of circus disciplines including aerial yoga, silks, trapeze, lyra and fusion. Circus arts is offered as a social leisure where risk-taking, skills sharing and performance creation are used as therapeutic methods for the fulfilment of mental, physical and community health. We offer a strong and flexible working environment and pride ourselves on supporting our staff to achieve their career goals both from within CirQus and broadly. We are calling out to anyone with a passion for teaching aerial arts in the following disciplines to contact us.

Disciplines offered:   Aerial silks , (Dance)Trapeze, Lyra, Aerial Fusion (silks, trapeze, lyra, hammock, straps, rope etc), Aerial Conditioning

Position Overview:

Studio CirQus is looking for experienced practicionners in circus arts  seeking advancement in their professional teaching career to teach between 10 and 15 classes per week and to coordinate the expansion of the CirQus aerial fitness program.The ideal candidate will have over 5 years experience in the teaching of aerial circus disciplines with a proven history of punctuality, motivation and professionalism. He/she will be able to plan and deliver dynamic aerial courses in a safe and professional manner while accommodating various levels within a small group setting.The aim of this position is to hire a head trainer with extensive aerial teaching experience to teach, coordinate and expand the aerial fitness program at CirQus.

Specific duties:

  • Design and deliver between 10 and 15 high quality/energy aerial fitness courses per week (depending on experience and availability);
  • Co-manage the hiring and training of 1 replacement
  • Overlook the development of a uniformed, standardized curriculum based on flexibility and muscle training and the implementation of techniques, sequences and progression arranged by levels;
  • Support the existing CirQus trainers in developing a sustainable programme for kids & adults;
  • Help prepare data and information from weekly class preparation sheets and use them for improved course designs and for the elaboration of new curriculum;
  • Manage the safety of equipment, comply with our duty of care for insurance policies, stay abreast with current safety techniques and ensure they are implemented
  • Increase earning capacity by managing & pursuing external contracts for special events  organizing promotional event & taking on marketing initiatives

Required Qualifications

  • Over 5 years aerial teaching experience: aerial silks required and dominance over at least one other aerial discipline desired
  • ENC Teacher Training Certification completion
  • Bilingual: both written and spoken french and english
  • Aerial rigging experience required
  • Solid history of involvement with En-Piste professionalism workshops
  • Admissible for Emploi Quebec financial aid (letter of admissibility) 
  • First Aid Certification an asset


  • Knowledge of appropriate teaching techniques including class management and safety checks of apparatus
  • Program development experience and demonstrated follow-through
  • Proven knowledge and vested interest in aerials as a fitness alternative
  • Have broad knowledge in many circus disciplines especially aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, rope, straps, hammocks
  • Rigging qualifications or equivalent knowledge
  • Extensive experience in social circus an asset
  • Knowledgeable in the Montreal circus arts scene

To submit your interest, please email

info@lecirqus.com and include

  1. Your resume
  2. A 100 word statement addressing why you want to apply your teaching skills at CirQus
  3. Two references
  4. A link to videos or websites of any performance work (optional)