Typical of the circus culture, Studio CirQus is a nomadic business which is proud to have offered quality circus courses and workshops in a variety of locations and boroughs in Montreal including a Firehouse (2014-2014) a Circus Big Top (2014-2015) and helping renovate an old cinema converted into home of the flying trapeze school Trapezium (late 2015). As of spring s2016, Studio CirQus has found its home at Paragym, Montreal's acrobatic playground for adults. It is there that CirQus currently offers its fun and energetic aerial courses in a warm, welcoming environment. Check below for a glimpse  at CirQus on the road, photos and virtual tours!

Let's get this show on the road...


5465 Rue de Bordeaux
 Montréal, QC H2H 2A8
Jan 2016- current

Home Sweet Home. Since January 2016, CirQus has joined a loving community of dedicated acrobats and has worked alongside Paragym & Slackline Montreal to offer acrobatic mouvement to the general public as a fitness and leisure activity. CirQus currently offers 10 aerial fitness courses at Paragym, a great complement to their  floor acrobatics, force/flex courses and parkour activities. 

CirQus has partnered with its sister company (literally...we're twins) called Momentom Collective.

Momentom Collective combines the benefits of circus with yoga and uses them for humanitarian and community building purposes.  We believe that balance is found by experiencing both *Om Moments – mindfulness, yoga, meditation and *UM moments- adrenaline-filled experiences of exhiliration. The momentum in this case is achieved through circus arts. We do this by offering retreats, courses, performances in Central America.. 

Starting November 2016, follow us on Facebook on our trip down from San Francisco to Costa Rica on our circus bus with 15 artists. We are making out way to start the second year of our artist residency in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Join us! www.momentomcollective.com

CirQus gains Momentom

Circus Bus &  Artist Residency
Central American & Nicaragua
March 2015- Present

La Caserne 

4247 Rue Saint-Dominique
Montréal, QC H2W 2A9
Feb 2014- June 2015

CIrQus' first home, we rented the Center for Contemporary Arts for the first year of our existence and offered over 20 weekly courses, jobs to over 15 artists, and community events. See our virtual tour below



Big Top @ TOHU

2345 Rue Jarry E
Montréal, QC H1Z 4P3
June 2015-Sept 2015


CirQus enjoyed the real circus experience under the TOHU big top for the  2015 summer months. Thank you so much to Margot Kubiak and  Mathieu Gregoire for helping us realize this once in a lifetime experience.


 Renovating an ancient Church

6956 Rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, Qc H2S 2S4
Oct 2015-Jan 2016

CirQus is proud to have been involved in the renovations of an ancient church and to have participated in the strategic planning of circus activities within in.   For a one of a kind flying trapeze experience, check out Trapezium in its newly renovated church.