CirQus silks courses offer are a combination of flexibility and strength training. Each class teaches specific technique according to the students level and uses the aerial hammock to explore key components of each new movement as a precursor before trying it in the air. The course teaches a variety of acrobatic manoeuvres including climbs, inversions, hangs, wrap, drops and transitions.  



Expand your knowledge on a variety of aerial apparatus including trapeze, silks, lyra and on request, strap hoops, straps, rope and hammock.Our Aerial Fusion course allows students to  explores techniques on his/her favourite equipment while teaching creative ways to transfer these from one apparatus to another. 




 Trapeze and aerial hoop require strength, balance and flexibility. This course mixes core and strength building with stability and flexibility training. The focus is to build stamina and endurance through the continuous practice of spins, poses and aerial sequences.e are flexible. Minimum 3 participants. 

CirQus Youth

Introduce your child or (pre) teen to the wonders of the circus world! This class focuses both on aerial games as well as flow arts.  Your young athlete will learn a variety of aerial techniques on 4 pieces of equipment:  silk, hammock, lyra & trapeze while also learning coordination skills through object manipulations and ground acrobatics

Acro/Aerial Yoga



This special course explores acrobatics both in the air and on the ground. Offered by Momentom Collective, the acro/ aerial yoga course involves performing a series of partner acrobatic exercises (acroyoga) as warm ups for the aerial yoga, which is offered via a knotted silks to mimic the aerial yoga, for a total mind and body workout