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By: Alissa Bonneville // www.lecirqus.com // 

Canadian-based companies



Price: 1995$ (CAN)

"Our frames are selling at an astonishing rate" says Pete, manager and email-responder. Since the release of this article, Pete and his team have called me up and are honoring the sales price of 1995$ (as opposed to the usual 2350$)- so take advantage! Tell them you read this article, you'll save some money. So let's start by saying: awesome customer service.

Based out of Alberta, Jugglegear is a unique shoppe that specialize in circus products, extreme sports and other shiny things. They design and manufacture the majority of their own products in their own factory. "We always strive to find the highest quality whenever we have to outsource." says Pete. The obvious benefits of Jugglegear? they are affordable and they are local (meaning we don't have to pay an artm and a leg for shipping)

"Why buy our rig? There are many reasons to buy our rig, but I feel the main reason is we have gone to great lengths to design for function". For Canadians, its easy: good quality products, great warranty, no shipping or import fees. 


  • Offer low price shipping in Canada at $15.00$
  • Adjustable aerial rig  to 20 ft, 16 ft or 12 ft
  • Made out of chromoly steel (stronger than aluminium)
  • Rig feet are rubber based
  • Quite portable – their longest piece is 145 cm
  • MK2 rig has 5 anchor points + 4 additional ancho points on legs
  • Rig stands at 61- cm / 20 feet tall
  • Unit weight is 120 pound (Note the unit weight has gone up with the new anchor points on the frame 140lb)

Contact 1866 686 4292 or info@jugglegear.com



Price: 2850.00$ CAD – 3065.00$ CAD

Circus concepts Inc was created by Owner and Circus Artist Hugo Noel in 2008.  Starting as only a dream, Hugo has built a successful business offering many different, high quality products for the circus industry including custom made apparatuses.

One of the most common products sold by Circus Concepts is their Freestanding Aerial Rig – "ACHILLES Structure", known for its high quality and easy set-up. This rig is engineered certified, adjustable to 3 different heights and can be set-up by only 1 person- a huge plus.  It is light-weight, made of all Canadian materials and is CNC/Precision machined.  It fits in any car and can be taken by plane too. It is made at their professional manufacturer located in Sherbrooke, QC. There are few employees at our manufacturer as well as only certified welders, which guarantees the best quality, every time.  They also offer a trapeze spread bar attachment to have 2 attachments points. Their claim is that "our rig is the strongest, safest and most stable of its kind on the market!  Hang in confidence with our products!"


  • Shipping prices to Montreal, QC:  $75.00 - $135.00 CAD with a 2-3 day delivery.
  • Heights: available at 16, 20 or 24 feet
  • Option for trapeze spread bar
  • Option for pulley block kit 3 for 1, for easy 1 person set up
  • Can be used on unstable grounds
  • Engineered Certified
  • Made in CANADA, and have a GUARANTEED QUALITY

Contact: info@circusconcepts.com or  1-800-203-5855 ext.1

American-based companies



Price: 2275$ (US)

Based out of California, the founder, Todd Spiering, has been building custom circus gear and providing aerial rigging services since 2013. He creates innovative aerial equipment that is strong, durable and easy to transport. He is known for dreaming up “one of a kind” aerial pieces. Some of the advantages of his rigs are that they are easy to assemble, and they still give you plenty of height to work with. They are portable enough to fit in a small car (like a Prius or Hondo Fit) and being aluminium they can be left out in the weather without being concerned about rusting. "Since I designed it with 4 'half legs', it makes it easier to set up and get more height options." says Todd. Here is an instructional video on how it works with the half legs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlKFS4bT43g


  • Shipping to Canada  can vary from $275-$400 (or more)
  • Adjustable aerial rig
  • Can set up to 23 feet
  • Footprint of 20’ x 20’ when it is set up to full height
  • High strenght 6061 aluminium tube
  • Total weight 155 pouds (70 kg)
  • Includes 3 eye bolts or a pulley system
  • Rubber on feet to protect floor.

Contact: circusgearstore@gmail.com 

Ludwig Aerial Riggin LLC


Price: depends on height. (7-11 ft) 1280 $ / (11-15ft) 1560$ // (16-20 ft) 1845$ (US)

As soon as you get on his website, you will notice that you are not working with the average businessman. His website is immaculately descriptive, extremely informative, with every detail you might, or might not, need.  For example: he explains dynamic and static loads. Thank you Ludwig.

Because of the adjustable feet that Ludwig makes, his rigs are modular and can be set up in different heights at 6 inch increments. A cool concept of his is that you can start off by buying the cheaper 11 ft rig for 1280$ and because it is the same components as the tall rigs, you can later order more leg sections to make it taller.   "Other manufacturer's short rigs are weaker and can't be increased later"- says Ludwig. 

The prices, i'll admit, can be a bit complicated to decipher, so order through him. In your order, you might want to order extra wide tops and extra eyebolts for more hang points, a pulley system etc.  This is an example of my "special order" which allows me to basically have 2 small rigs set up at the same time, or a large rig set up at 21-26 feet. 

21 ft rig plus extra 6ft haddr, extra 5.5ft feet. (to go up to 26 feet)

  • $ 1985     21 ft rig , 4ft hdr, 4ft feet.
  • $   100     6ft header option
  • $     80     5.5 ft extn feet option.
  • $   290     extra 6ft header
  • $    220   4   extra  4ft extn feet.
  • $    106   8  extra eyebolts, 4 extra for each header
  • $      26   2  tie-off cleats
  • -------------------------------
  • $ 2807   total

$   570        Shipping  includes broker fee by UPS, and shipping all extra parts, extra header, extra feet. This is still an estimate and could change slightly. This does NOT include Canada Customs import duty.

This cost includes for UPS to function as the import customs broker to
get it into Canada. Buyer still has to pay Canada import Duty Tax.


  •      Shipping is from 350$ to 450$ depending on how far from Colorado you are. This cost includes UPS to function as the import customs broker to get it into Canada. The buyer still has to pay Canada Import Duty Taxes.
  •      Offers either tripod (3 legs) or quadpod (4 legs) (a tripod rig can only handle ¾ of the load of a quadrig) Tripod is easier to set up and has a narrow point at the top, about 1 feet across.
  •       Foot print depends on height. A rig set up to 21 ft high has a footprint close to 19' x 21'
  •       Website is incredibly informative, a bit hard to navigate
  •       Can get it customized
  •       Refund policy: money back guarentee
  •       Comes with set up manual
  •       Extra products: you can buy extra headers, legs, feet, eyebolts and tie-off cleats. Anything you need.

Contact: Ludwig Goppenhammer ludwig@damnhot.com

Aerial Essentials


Price: 650$ - 1450$ -2750$ (US)

Based out of Las Vegas,  Aerial Essentials is the premier source for aerial arts apparatus and hardware in the United States. They hold claim to being the only brick and mortar aerial shop in the U.S. Their line of Portable Aerial Rigs allows a performer of any skill level to have access to safe, reliable rigging anywhere they go. They are also the official retail supply for the aerial rigs at TrapezeRigging.com.

Their rigs come in three sizes.

1)     (650$) The small indoor rig is the perfect way to enjoy aerial yoga or lyra indoors without a ceiling anchor. The rig is very compact and only weighs 50lbs. It is easy to set up by yourself, and the rig's height is fully adjustable from 6'8" to 9ft tall. At it's lowest setting the base footprint is 7' x 7' and at it's highest the footprint is 8' x 10'

2)     (1450$) The Medium Backyard Rig is fully adjustable from 7'6" - 13' tall.

At it's lowest setting the base footprint is 10' x 10' and at it's highest the footprint is 16' x 18'. It weighs a total of about 110lbs and comes with three attachment points along the cross bar - perfect for single or double point apparatus. This full rig is easily setup by two people in under 10 minutes.

3)     (2750$) The Large Professional Rig is perfect for touring productions, local street performances, events, and all kinds of outdoor rigging. It weighs roughly 200lbs and the longest piece is only 6'8" making it easy to fit in an SUV, van, or truck on it's way to the venue. At full height, it is 18ft tall and it's base footprint is 26' x 23' It can be setup by two people in less than 10 minutes and is exceptionally strong, reliable, and easy to work with. This rig has become the rig of choice for professional aerialist who need a sturdy, and beautiful looking rig that can be setup for professional performances on any surface.


  • ·       Additional shipping costs to Montreal can range between 400-1000$
  • ·       Made out of polished aluminium, making them very strong, light and weather resistant
  • ·       They all have rotating foot plates, with rubber bottoms, so the rigs are as safe on hardwood floors as grass, carpet, sand, dirt or gravel.
  • ·       They can be set up on any relatively level area
  • ·       They are the most reliably tested portable rigs on the market
  • ·       Comes with one point (recommended cinching two sling loops or daisy chains at the desired width if you need two points) –

Contact: https://aerialessentials.com/index.php?route=information/contact

Bobby’s Big top


Price: 1995$ US

  • ·       Builds flying trapezes, only


Alissa Bonneville